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The facts about standard pools

These types of pools typically follow a standard design model which are good if you want to avoid cloudy pool water as the are easy to keep clean due to the regular water flow, and are either square, rectangular, or oval in appearance. The option to add stairs is about as diverse as they get, but their simplistic design does make them a little more affordable than alternative models. When comparing the difference in cost however, for a few thousand extra dollars, the option to have a pool designed by a team of experts in a way that will make it unique and exclusive to a property can be quite compelling.

The reality of customised swimming facilities

More and more people in Perth are choosing to have custom swimming pools designed in their gardens (or even indoors, when space permits). Certain spaces might not be able to fit rectangular swimming areas, or perhaps they will benefit from a uniquely shaped design that takes advantage of the space available. In either event, having a pool customised can provide a lot more enjoyment for everyone present.

When you are looking to erect a pool fence, it can be tempting to opt for temporary fencing that is easily erected and leaves no permanent imprint on the landscape. Temporary fencing, as the term suggests, is a flexible, free-standing panel, the panels generally are held together by individual couplers which interlock to make it strong and versatile for a huge variety of applications. There are many types of temporary fencing available today. Some are specifically designed for pool fencing, while others are used for landscaping and also for various sports pitches. A common form of temporary fencing is Heras fencing which is a highly durable, custom made solution which is ideal for both public and private installations.


If you are looking for a fencing for your pool, you will find that there is an abundance of different types of temporary fencing to choose from. You can either opt for vinyl or steel panels which can be used on either a permanent or semi-permanent basis. The most popular material for temporary fencing is vinyl which can be purchased in either panels and sections or as prefabricated panels where each panel is completely manufactured to fit and form seamlessly into one another. Alternatively you can opt for a timber composite panel which is highly durable, highly resistant to moisture and also highly aesthetic. In addition to being highly durable and long lasting, timber composite panels are available in a wide range of colours and finishes to compliment your other outdoor garden options.

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