Cohen Handler Agents

Thousands of Australians throughout Sydney, Perth and Melbourne are turning to the services of property buyers agents – and more and more seem to be following the same path. Whether you’re buying your first home, or if you’re simply adding another property to your portfolio – it’s no secret that minimising your stress, work load and involvement can save you time and energy that would be better spent elsewhere.

And that’s where property advocates come into the fray. It’s their job to take care of arrangements, paperwork, document filings and legal applications. They’ll already have a firm grasp of the activities required when a property is exchanging hands – and so they will know how to fast track applications, all but guarantee success and streamline the entire process in general.

So, what can agents do that you can’t?

In reality there’s nothing that an agent can do that you can’t, but that’s not the point of hiring their services. Many potential home owners turn to advocates because they simply need a knowledgeable third party; and one that can address all of the unique components associated with the sale of a home.

What might take an individual months to process could take an agent a matter of weeks. They already know the routes to take, the legislations to adhere to and even the types of applications that will need to be forwarded to the correct departments. This in itself won’t just eliminate weeks, if not months of time – it can reduce your stress and allow you to relax in the knowledge that your transaction is in the best possible hands.

The cost and associated fees

Different advocate agencies in Australia will boast varying prices. In most instances, you might want to avoid the cheapest options as there’s typically a reason why they can afford to remain so low (especially in such a competitive market). On the other side of the coin, there’s no guarantee that you’ll receive a top-tier service by spending more than you have to. In most scenarios, a good agency will prioritise being affordable and competitive; whilst being able to demonstrate a superior level of knowledge and expertise in the property buying field.

Experience and skillset

Property buyers agents should be specialists in their industry – and this is something that you’ll be able to spot from the offset. There’s nothing to say that newer agencies and establishments couldn’t offer a substantial service – but it’s no secret that with age comes experience and expertise. The more experience, the higher the costs might be – so try to focus on the agencies that fall into the middle bracket.

A competitive mind-set

All agencies will understand just how competitive the industry is right now and potential buyers can use this fact to their advantage. When corresponding with your potential agent – let them know that you’re looking for a service that priorities satisfaction, results and a fair price tag. If they demand more than your budget allows for, then let them know that you’ve received a cheaper quote elsewhere. The best case scenario will result in you being offered a fairer quote – and one that you can take to the bank without any further cause for concern.