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The time for complicated discussion about our environment is over. We all own this problem. Carbon emission reduction is up to us.

For the businessperson who wants to see the world reverse the problems of CO2 pollution, but knows their company must make profit to survive, we can now offer answers that make sense.

That’s what Logic and Form does. We show companies large and small how they can grow their bottom line by modifying operations, not purely by appealing to their social conscience.

Yes, that’s correct. Being greener will increase profitability.

We’ve learned that the biggest obstacles are not lack of will to change or fear of innovation, but difficulty understanding complex and constantly changing legislation, identifying the parts of your business that offer the greatest risk/return profile and appreciating the rewards of carbon credits.

This site will show you some of the ways we glean information – the audits,workshops, assessments, consultancy services. In the final analysis, however, it gets down to both of us understanding how your business can change for the better, in every respect, for everyone and permanently.

We have learned changing legislation, and identifying the segments of your business that offer the greatest return for dollars invested in reducing your carbon emissions and energy consumption, we hope you’ll ask us to help you do this.